Hi everyone, today brings part two of my Seraphon collection showcase! In this post, my Saurus Warriors and Temple Guard! More after the jump!

This is the second in a series of showcase posts of my Seraphon collection, which featured in last week's White Dwarf. You can see part one here. In this post, I showcase a selection of Saurus Warriors and Temple Guard from my collection! The Saurus Warriors, and especially the Temple Guard are very decorated and this gave me a great opportunity to make them look as bright as possible. I decided to arm my Saurus Warriors with shields in order to paint a really nice, bright pattern. The shields were painted Mephiston Red, and then I gradually added Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wild Rider Red and Fire Dragon Bright using a sponge, I decided to use sponging for this to create a scaly pattern as if their shields were made from materials that were grown or living.

I decided to make their weapons really bright and stand out. The Seraphon back story explains how they are now celestial, almost magical beings. I painted their weaponry and shields in bright blues and greens to almost make it look like their celestial magic runs through their weapons. These were painted using Vallejo Silver, which is a really lovely bright silver colour, and then glazed with Gulliman Blue or Waywatcher Green.

I also wanted them to have particular spot colours, notably the green feathers which were painted just using Moot Green and Flash Gitz Yellow, blending up to yellow by gradually adding more bits of yellow to the green and painting on thin layers. I wanted my Temple Guard to look very celestial and colourful. I used lots of blue and green glazes across them to make their armour and weapons very bright!

Next up in my Seraphon showcase posts will be my collection of independent Seraphon characters!