The Knight has now been fully cleaned up, mould lines removed, filed, sanded etc and the basic pose all set. More after the jump!

I started with blu-tac'ing the feet pads to a couple of bits of slate to get the angle I wanted, then working up the lower legs and to the hip joint. This is the most dynamic pose I have gone for with a Knight to date, making it a little more exciting for me to make. He looks fully braced up for his big guns to shoot. This is far easier to do that some of the other Knights due to the ammo or full cables that link the weapons to the models back. This model does not have that issue, so I was free to pose it as I saw fit.

Th problem with legs splayed like this is the hoses and thigh pistons. They basically won't reach as is and will need modification. Shown below are the standard rear leg hoses. They will need some heat treatment to bend them into place. The thigh pistons need extending and slightly modifying and I have started work on that by removing the resin piston and replacing with a brass rod version.

Finally, the torso was assembled, clamped and allowed to dry.

And thats today's update finished!