The second hero for my Fyreslayers is finished, the Auric Runemaster!

I think this is a really lovely miniature and I'm really happy to have him finished to lead my Fyreslayers until I finish the Auric Runefather on Magmadroth, which is the next thing on my list! The eye catching part of this model is without a doubt his fiery staff. I really wanted to make this stand out. I painted it all Yriel Yellow, and then blended up through Fire Dragon Bright, Troll Slayer Orange, Wild Rider Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet. This was done by mixing the progressive highlight in with the previous one to achieve a transition from yellow to orange. I sponged on Doombull Brown and Black on the very edges to give it a smouldering appearance. I then glazed the top section Bloodletter to help the blend join together, and Lamenters Yellow at the bottom to make the centre of the flame look bright. 

Overall, I think he is a nice addition to my Fyreslayers. It was nice painting a hero model after painting 10 of the Vulkite Bezerkers. As I mentioned next up is my Auric Runefather on Magmadroth!