The second addition to my Fyreslayers is the lovely model, the Grimwrath Bezerker!

I really enjoyed painting this model, I think it is probably my favourite of the character models released for the Fyreslayers. I love the character in the model and how dynamic his pose is. As my Fyreslayers hail from an icy tundra and their allies are my Ogors who fight with ice weapons, I decided to paint his axe as an ice weapon too! This was painted White Scar, glazed Gulliman Blue and then drybrushed White Scar again. I then applied Anita's 3D gloss, which I also apply to the bases, to give it a shiny, wet appearance like ice! The middle part of the axe which holds burning hot coal I painted White Scar in the squares and then glazed Bloodletter around the ends going lightly into the middle, and then I glazed the middle Lamenters Yellow to give it that really bright, burning hot glowing appearance.

As I mentioned in my first showcase post of my Fyreslayers, which you can see here, I have decided to paint my Fyreslayers from the Lofnir Lodge. Their colour scheme includes orange and black hair. The orange is painted Jokaero Orange, Troll Slayer Orange and then washed with a 50:50 mix of Reikland Fleshshade and Lahmian Medium twice.I then highlighted using Fire Dragon Bright and Lugganath Orange on the edges. The bottoms of the hair were glazed Bloodletter, and then the tops were glazed Lamenters Yellow.

Next up for my Fyreslayers, which I have already started painting are the Vulkite Bezerkers!