I've finished a new addition to my Fyreslayers, a unit of Vulkite Bezerkers! See more after the jump!

I was really happy when I finished painting these, partly because it felt like it took forever to paint them, painting lots of the same thing felt a little tedious. However, seeing them all together finished reminds me why I put myself through it, because I'm really happy with how they all look together!

One part of these models which I'm especially happy about is how the eyes turned out, they really do like they're glowing like fire. This was done by painting White Scar on the eye, glazing Bloodletter around the eye, and Lamenters Yellow on the eye and around a little too, and then putting the white back in the centre. I think the effect is especially menacing on the unit leader in the middle in the photo above.

Overall, I am really happy with how they look and I can't wait to use them in the game now they're painted, I hope they perform well!