Greetings flesh-clad weaklings! Technasma here again, this time with a Catacomb Command Barge that was painted as a collaboration between my brother and I. We've gone for bright colours with transitions and blends, but all using drybrush and sponge - no airbrush!

We set on a palette of teal green transitioning to a rich oxide red, almost as if illuminated by some blood-red alien sun. The effect was started with a dark undercoat of Necron Abyss followed by a heavy drybrush of Stegadon Scale Green and Sotek Green. In actual fact we used sponge from old blister packs and carry cases to drybrush the colours. This has the added effect of adding a slightly pock-marked texture as it builds up, adding to the ancient look of this corroded spacecraft.

Next, successive layers of terracotta and red were applied top down, to hit the upward facing surfaces. Due to the organic curves of the model this created some lovely blends between the two contrasting colours. Finally we used glazes and edge highlights of Wazdakka Red, Wild Rider Red and Scrofulous Brown to add the final definition to the miniature.

We embellished the Phaeron with some more  advanced painting techniques. His War-Scythe and Resurrection Orb were painted with non-metallic metal effects to give an unearthly glow to his advanced weaponry.

If you have any feedback on our mini let us know in the comments below! Until we're back on ToP again you can check out our Instagram and Twitter to see what we're currently working on!