Hey guys, today I was planning on showing some photos of a very large Blood Angels army that I have almost 99.9% finished. But had to pull the idea at the last moment as I only see it fair that the customer of the army see's photos first. I was being a little over excited about showing it to you, but will promise to show it in the next couple of days. I have added a very rough photo at the bottom of the post so you can see, it's very large.

So I thought what to show today and raided my photo library and found a couple of quite old models. The first is a Forge World Plague Hulk. I think I showed one photo of this on the very first post that I did for Tales, so I have added a couple more. I still really like this model and to this day still don't understand why I don't own one myself as I have quite a large Chaos Marine Nurgle army. I think it will be next on my list.

The next models that I found in my photo collection are of some old out of production Khorne Raptors. I really liked these models. If I was painting them now, I would have changed the idea about using wire sticks and used one of those transparent GW flying rods. But other than that I like the way they turned out and I'm quite nostalgic about when I painted them as it was around the time when I first got into commission painting.

Okay so onto the Blood Angel army, again it's quite a crude picture as I took it very late at night. But I think you can get the idea of how much work has gone into it.

Other than that I have been thinking about starting a Age of Sigmar army for myself. I'm thinking either Nurgle Chaos or a undead Skeleton horde. I'm really missing painting fantasy models as I think the last one that I did was about 6 months ago and it would be a nice change from 40K/30K. What do you guy's think?