In the third showcase post of my Seraphon, I present my collection of Seraphon single heroes! See after the jump to view all six!

This is the third in a series of showcase posts of my Seraphon collection. Click on the respective numbers to view the previous posts; one, two! In this post, I showcase the single Seraphon heroes from my collection!

I really loved painting the GW Skink Priest model that I converted another one from spare bits from the kits. I used this opportunity to paint the bright green feathers seen across the rest of my collection. The gold of the two Skink Priests were painted silver and washed Nuln Oil and Cassandora Yellow to create a bright gold effect. You will also see I painted the first Skink Priest's hand to be glowing blue, this was achieved by painting white over his hand and then more strongly in the centre and glazing over with Gulliman Blue.

Saurus Oldblood.

 Chak-ax, the Temple Guard character.

Gor-Rok - I decided to paint similar to my Troglodon - which you will see in a future post - just to make him look a bit different. This was painted grey primer, then washed Athonian Camoshade, and drybrushed Pallid Wych Flesh. The orange was then drybrushed over the spine of his scales.

And finally the Saurus Banner Bearer. This guy makes Lord Kroak incredibly powerful in the game, it's not often he is used! 

I hope you liked this post, coming up in the next showcase post; my Saurus Knights, the Razordon and the Salamander, and my Kroxigor!