Hi everyone, this is part four in my Seraphon showcase. In this post I show you my Saurus Knights, Kroxigor, Razordon, Salamander and their Skink Handlers! Click to view more!

This is the fourth in a series of showcase posts of my Seraphon collection. Click on the respective numbers to view the previous posts; onetwo, three!

​In these photos you can see the bases quite nicely, the bases were painted by applying a homemade mix of grey texture paint, just grey paint, sand and crushed oyster shells from the pet shop. Once dry I washed it all Coelia Greenshade, and then drybrushed Celestra Grey and Terminatus Stone. Across the collection you will see little bits of Seraphon iconography on the floor, I painted these in muted grey colours to contrast with the nicely bright iconography on the models themselves, almost as if their celestial energy lights up their weaponry.

The Kroxigor are really nice models, I might get some more in the future and maybe paint them similar to my Gor-Rok. I painted their orange on them as stripes along their large spines on their backs. These guys are really tough in the game, I'd definitely recommend them! I was very lucky to win the Company of Legend Painting Competition at the Realmgate Wars Campaign Weekend for my Kroxigor too!

Here are my Salamander and Razordon along with their Skink Handlers. These are really nice models! I painted the orange as a stripe across their backs. The Salamander has a fiery glow coming from his mouth, this was painted red, white and then glazed with Bloodletter.

Thanks for reading part 4! Please check back soon for the next part featuring my Ripperdactyls and Terradons!