Yup, still going on with those Salamanders. Here's their Primarch in WIP form. :)

Not sure if I can say all that much about the model at this point. I mean the picture says it all: It's a cool sculpt, it comes in the usual format of "40mm round base cleverly worked into a large display base" (in this case it's just glued together to a big display base). Not quite sure yet how I exactly solve the challenge of the big dragon skull on his shoulder armour, but I've got some ideas. Of course I'd love to hear what you would do with it.

In other news, here are some Star Wars minis I painted recently. Four Hired Guns, a bunch more Stormtroopers and four Wookie Warriors

They're for the Star Wars: Imperial Assault boardgame by Fantasy Flight Games and I've been painting a LOT of these over the past half year or so. You can see a bunch more in my 2015 recap and of course on my site

And now excuse me please, I have to paint princess Leia. ;)