Zameon Gydrael was a Company Champion of the Dark Angels before he was inducted into the Deathwatch. It was important to me that he matches my own Dark Angel force, hence why I've adjusted the paint scheme to suit my own needs. More pics after the jump as well as some info on how I painted him. 

To paint this model I used the following three Tale of Painters tutorials:

Eagle-eyed painters will notice my Deathwatch arm on this model is less blue. I used the identical same steps in the Cassius Tutorial above with the only difference being I used a Nuln Oil wash over the detail to give it more shadow/contrast.

The robe was painted using the paint recipe for Cassius' Purity Seals. See how his robes match his own Purity Seals. The difference is you don't wash over the entire robes. You just use the wash in the recesses. Also thin the wash with Lahmian medium and build it up over 3 or 4 shading coats, make sure you let each wash dry completely before applying the next one. This way it blends better and builds the intensity of the shadow. 

Red weapon casings are a signature colour of my Imperial Force. Luckily the Deathwatch has been known to carry red weapons in past eavy metal incarnations. 

I've grabbed a couple of other minis from my Dark Angel force for a bit of a comparison time. I think Gydrael fits in perfectly. I can not wait to see the entire Deathwatch formation added to my Imperial Army. 

Check back soon when I share the Devastor Rodricus Grytt.