Hey guys Happy Easter holidays, today I thought I would show some Dark Elves Shades that I painted several years ago as a experiment with using mainly washes. I was planning on showing an update of some Horus Heresy Death Guard that I featured as WIP a few weeks ago, but my photography light blew and the quality of the photos are a little dark. But if you want to see them I put them below. But I will be showing them again in the next few days after I have solved the lamp problem. Grrr!

So Finecast Dark Elf Shades!! What do I think of the models? Well they are certainly dated by today's model standards. But I feel they have a rather certain charm to them even though the cast is a little flat. The general idea whilst painting was to use GW washes for the majority of the models I think the only parts that I painted with solid colours are the swords, the inner black of the robes and the eyes. I intially base coated the models black and then airbrushed Vallejo light grey from a 45 degree angle and then airbrushed Vallejo white from the top. After that I then added various brown, black and blue shades to the model. Once that had dried I painted in the few remaining solid areas. This was a very fast process. I believe the figures themselves only took several hours to complete and I think sometimes this approach can actually work on certain models. It was a lot of fun, but not something I could see myself doing often.

Anyway below is a rather dark photo of some Death Guard 30K Tactical Marines. Do any of you guys have a quick way of painting models that you find effective?