Hi everyone! Here is part 5 of my Seraphon collection, this post covers my Terradons and Ripperdactyls!

This is the fifth in a series of showcase posts of my Seraphon collection. Click on the respective numbers to view the previous posts; onetwothree, four!

I wanted the Ripperdactyls and Terradons to have bright markings on their wings. I decided to use sponging to create a zig zag effect using Jokaero Orange and Troll Slayer Orange. I then glazed over them with Fuegan Orange and Cassandora Yellow to make them brighter. I also slightly glazed the rest of their wings and bodies with blue to give them a bit of colour.

Going with the celestial theme and also the new lore behind the Seraphon as being from the stars, I decided to paint the Terradons' bolas as balls of galactical energy instead of fire. I had never really painted galaxies much before, so this was a challenge to make them look ok! I painted them black and then sponged on the white stars, I then glazed on purple, blue, red and green gradually blending them all into each other. Overall I was happy with how they came out and think it makes them look a little unique!

Have you ever used these in the game? The Ripperdactyls with the Blot Toad are very mean and can put out a lot of damage! They're a very good addition to any army!

Thanks for reading part 5, in part 6 I will be showcasing the palanquin models in my collection - the Slann Mage Priest, Tetto'eko and the infamous Lord Kroak himself.