Hi all, Banzai1000 here with some new Sons of Horus models. See what I've accomplished after the jump...

My second Comtemptor Dreadnought. For this model I used legs and a Keres assault cannon from Forgeworld, an upper body from the Betrayal at Calth box and a sword from the Grey Knights Dreadknight. The model is mostly painted with five layers. The dying marine is from Primarch Angrons base (also Forgeworld).

Here you can see the completed Cataphractii Terminator Squad, as started in the post before.

As announced in the first post about my Sons of Horus project, here comes a classic Land Raider from GW. I pimped him with a tank crew member from Forgeworld and Redeemer flame cannons. I think he didn't turn out that bad, and is a perfect fit to the 30k setting.

My third Contepmtor Dreadnought comes from the Calth box set. The only changes I made were to reposition the upper body and to attach the melter to his left arm.

That's all for now. Leave a comment if you like.