Second model from my Deathwatch set is complete. More angles and a cool group shot with more marines from my Imperium force after the jump. 

I like Ultramarines. I love their roman vibe. The miniature designers have done a great job squeezing in so much detail. It is literally littered. There is no spare space and I love it.

I like the grenades and pouches around the back, it really helps reinforce their special operations role. The Deathwatch arm is a bright blue silver, and I have reason for my madness. I'm trying to make all my forces coherent by sharing paint recipes. In the pic below you'll see this arm matched my Grey Knights paint scheme. 

Other coherent themes are red weapons (apart from the Blood Angel Assault Marine, it would have been too much red), blue eye lenses and purity seals, ropes, handles etc are a purple. This is probably my favourite army I've painted to date, it's so coherent and structured but the force organisation is literally anything I want, anything that takes my fancy. It's so liberating.