Hey there, as mentioned in my latest post I started working on a Stormraven. It's meant to transport my Death Company and Death Company Dreadnought, therefore it will paint it black.

I must admit that back then when the model was released, I really really loathed its design. But with a few modifications, namely removing the air intake, it can look quite decent. I also did away with the servitor manned turret, instead I'll use a slimmer Razorback lascannon turret from FW. I'll also add FW Death Company Rhino doors. There is something about the model that makes its proportions look awkward in pictures, but in real life (and with some conversion work) I feel it's fine. Not as great looking as FW's Stormeagle, but decent enough.

What do you think? Did you do a similar conversion with your Stormraven?