Hey folks! Uruk here after a very long hiatus, but with something really exciting! The title says it all, but meet you after the jump.

That time has finally come for me. I've started a second 40k army. Thanks to a very fortunate series of events, I've come into possession of my friends old Dark Eldar army. DE were always my next favorite after Chaos Marines, mainly thanks to their absolutely beautiful vehicles. Raiders and Ravagers always reminded me of Jabba's desert barge from "Return of the Jedi" and the whole style of Craftworld Eldar-like sleek shapes combined with sharp edges and spikes just gets me going.

I'm in the early WIP stages really, was only able to start on the vehicles and all the infantry is just primed at this point. My color scheme was heavily inspired by two great painters - Doctor's Faust's Painting Clinic YouTube channel and our own Rovient, whose Orange/Black DEldar I'm deeply in love with.

Some of you might already know that I don't really like airbrushing, but white armour and hairspray chipping technique I wanted to try out left me no other choice, at least for the vehicles. I used only two colours over the rusty undercoat - Light Sea Grey and Off White, both from Vallejo Model Color range. I also tinted the canopies with Clear Orange - I'm not a huge fan of vanilla glass and tinted canopies add so much character to the models.

I also truly hate the clear plastic flyer bases. They don't fit with the rest of GW's high-sided bases and just don't like the look. Fortunately for me there's one good thing AoS brought - an all new, huge range of different sized oval bases, which fit the Dark Eldar skimmers almost too good! I used 90x52mm cavalry bases (Skullcrushers) for Venoms and 105x70 (Ghostkeel size) for Raiders and Ravager. Those oval stands make them look even more sleek and fast.

That's it for now, I'm trying my butt off to paint them whenever I have a free moment, but I'm in the middle of moving out to a new flat, so it takes way more longer than I'd like.

What do you think about them so far?