Happy Easter everyone! While I was waiting for my FW order to arrive, in order to complete my Stormraven with a Razorback gun turret, I kitbashed this Blood Angels Captain model. It makes use of all sorts of pieces. The body is from the BA Tactical Squad, the shield from the BA Terminator Squad, the cloak from the SM Chapter Master sprue, the jump pack from the Death Company Squad, and the power hammer from the Vanguard Veteran Squad. However, he is still headless! There are two options - help me find the right one after the jump.

Option 1 - I really like the Mk7 helmet with the stylised halo from the Sanguinary Guard squad, I think it's very over-the-top in a good, Blood Angels like way.

Option 2 - This is a Blood Angels helmet from Forge World. I feel it adds a bit more unique flair.

So, what do you think? Tell me your preferred helmet in the comments section.