Hey guys, today I thought I'd show the beginning of a Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion army I am working on.

It's an interesting army when it comes to colour schemes as you have so many options available through metallic blue/greens, dark blue, turquoise, in fact most all blue tones you can think off.
Initially I was planning to copy Forge World metallic blue paint scheme, but then had a look over on CMON and saw a scheme similar to what I have done. I prefer the matt palette as it allows weathering techniques to be used, whereas a shiny metallic surface would prove more difficult.
For this model I used a hairspray technique where as paint is scratched of to reveal paint underneath the overcoats. I also made use of Forge Worlds Alpha Legion transfers. In my next few posts I will show more of what I have been working on.

I also have added a couple of quick photo's below of Sicaran Battle Tank, but will post some more photos later on.