Hey all, today I want to show another model from the Alpha Legion army that I have recently completed as a commission. That being a Forge World Leviathan Dreadnought.

Lucky for me the model had already been assembled in quite a dynamic pose by the customer, so all I had to do was base and paint him. I went with the same colour scheme as I showed a few posts ago with the Rhino and Leviathan, which is basically a dulled down metallic blue. I also used Alpha Legion transfers from Forge World. Overall I love this model and really enjoyed working on it. I can really imagine this thing smashing the hell out of vehicles and troops. It really does look like something you do not want to be close to in a fight.

In the next post I will show some more Alpha Legion models I have worked on. Are you guys ready for the Renegade Imperial Knights? I'm pretty excited and have just ordered a box (from Dark Sphere) with the intention of making 2 Chaos Knights. Can't wait!!