Hey guys, today I was planning on showing the final models from a 30K Alpha Legion army I have been working on the last couple of weeks.

But have had to hold that of until the next post as I still need to finish a few small details off. So today I thought I would show another Haemonculus and some Wracks that I worked on about a year ago. It's always handy having files of photos that I can jump on in such emergencies as today. Anyway, the Dark Eldar above were allies of a much larger Eldar army. I remember with these particular models that I used a lot of oil washes rather than the normal GW inks. Oil paint is really nice to use if you have not tried it before as you can really manipulate the paint. So next post I will be back with the Alpha Legion army. Any of you going to Salute London this weekend? I'm getting ready for it.