Hey guys, hope you enjoyed our April Fool's Day hoax yesterday ;) Of course, the Age of Sigmar Points Calculator was a clever photoshop job by Garfy, so don't get your hopes up. Now, let's have a look at the finished Death Company Stormraven for my Blood Angels collection. Thanks to its impressive wing span, this is the largest model I've painted so far. Would you believe it? I've made a couple of alterations to the original model. Check it out after the jump.

The most obvious change is the removal of the air intake and the servitor-manned gun turret. Instead, I added a lascannon Razorback turret from Forge World. I feel these changes grant the Stormraven are much more streamlined, less front-heavy silhouette.

I have to admit that when this model was released, I really loathed it because of its shape and overall design. Actually the proportions of this model tend to look really weird in pictures, but in real life it's not that bad. Though I feel that my modifications help a lot in this regard.

This Stormraven will carry my Death Company squad and Dreadnought into battle. Hence the black paintjob. I've added Death Company rhino doors from Forge World and modified the front hatch with plasticard and an icon from the Baal Predator sprue to match the design of the doors. I didn't add saltires to the wings, as I felt the sculpted details were enough to denote this vehicle as part of the Death Company.

I chose an Imperial Knight sized base for this model. I feel the larger base compliments the size of the model better, and makes it less prone to being knocked over. I like my bases to be minimal, so I just added a couple of rubble bits from the Imperial Sector buildings sprue.

I made a couple more subtle changes. I removed all the Aquila insignia. On the front, I replaced the Aquila with a scroll that reads "Mortis" (death), on the wings I added a yellow drop and a four, denoting this aircraft as the fourth Stormraven of the 2nd company. There is no official guide for the insignia of Death Company vehicles, but I imagine that this Stormraven used to be red and a regular part of the 2nd company. Then, during the campaign, as more and more Blood Angels succumbed to the Black Rage, it was repurposed to transport Death Company and repainted black by chapter serfs, keeping its original designation of the 2nd company.

How do you like my Stormraven with all its modifications? Tell me in the comments.