Hello everyone! Not long ago, a young blood from my local GW asked me for some painting tips for an Evil Sunz Ork army he wanted to do. As I had a spare ork boy lying around I decided to paint an ork boy for him as an example and encouragement for him to persevere with he's painting. The painting scheme is pretty much your generic Evil Suns colours with an addition of maroon (Screamer Pink) because the young man wanted to incorporate a maroon colour into he's miniatures. At first I was a bit skeptical about the outcome but i really liked it in the end.

I used basic techniques and colours that didn't include an airbrush or didn't require lots of paints to be purchased since budget will be an issue for the young man. I primed the mini with Chaos Black spray then used a technique called dusting, a simplified version of the zenithal highlighting technique. From an angle of 45°, in short bursts spray Corax White onto the mini. In the end there may a speckled effect on the model but this surface texture is great for applying paint and you'll be able to see where the highlights should be.

I didn't mix any colours around except for the skin which was a base of 1:1 mix of Yriel Yellow and Moot Green followed by a shade of Biel-Tan Green with Lahmia Medium. Some Ushabti Bone was added to the base skin colour mix for highlights with a final highlight of Ushabti Bone. This gave the ork a lighter skin tone which I like a lot. One other thing I did was to paint some flames on the chain blade and the back of the mini. All the other elements are done very simply in the base, shade, mid tone highlights and final highlights methodology. If you wish to know the colours please comment bellow and i'll happily go through the steps.

This colour scheme has really grown on me a lot. Maybe I'll use this scheme in the new Age of Sigmar Orruks that are coming out which are fantastic models! On that note I'll wrap up the post here.

Catch you all next time. Take care!