Here he is, my kitbashed Blood Angels Captain in all his glory (and artificer armour). Check out more pictures - and find out more about my next project - after the jump.

This model represents Donatos Aphael, Captain of the Blood Angels 2nd Company and Master of the Watch. Can you spot all the bits I used for this model? There are parts from the Blood Angels Tactical and Terminator Squad, the Death Company kit, the Space Marine Captain sprue, and the Vanguard Veterans.

I added the yellow-striped insignia of the 2nd Company to the right shoulder guard, as I felt that the yellow compliments the helmets of my Assault Squad nicely.

With the Captain done, this will actually be the last Blood Angels model you'll see from me for a while. I would love to add an Mk4 Tactical Squad with those BA upgrade parts from Forge World along with a Deimos Rhino at some point, but I'll wait until we'll see a plastic Deimos kit. Or a squad of Sanguinary Guard. For now, I'll stick to other projects though. I want to expand my small Blood Angels collection into a larger, rag-tag Imperial army with Skitarii, Imperial Guard and an Imperial Knight. I guess I'll start with a Knight, so stay tuned.

How do you like my kitbashed Captain? Tell me in the comments!