Hi everyone, FruitBear here, it's been a while but I'm back with my second mini for the year. It's Zamoen Gydrael from the the Over Kill Death Watch box set. I was so impressed with these models when they came out. The manager at my local Games Workshop was kind enough to include me and other staff in painting up some showcases for the store and I got to pick 2 minis to paint! I'd like to give a big shout to Mitch Byrne, GW Fremantle! Thanks a lot for the opportunity mate!

I picked this model because I've never painted a Dark Angel before and it looked like the most simple model out of all of them, or so I thought... The more I looked at the model the more I released I tricked myself because it's one of the characters that had the least black on him. But with it came an opportunity to paint more NMM which I really like to do ever since I managed to pull of the power sword on my Siam Hann Autarch. What I also wanted to do was to try some blending with the shoulder pad as well which I thought looked awesome on the Eavy Metal miniature.

With the power sword, I deviated from the Eavy Metal colour scheme and went with the turquoise scheme that I did for the Autarch power sword. The colours that I used were Stegadon Scale Green, Hawk Turquoise, Temple Guard Blue. Ulthuan Grey and White Scar. I used the feathering technique to achieve the blend with watered down paint. For me what has worked out so far is just to keep your brush damp and not overload it with water so it doesn't pool, just giving your brush a gentle flick toward you or away from the surface after a layer of paint. If it's not smooth and there are some lines you can always glaze that area to smooth the blend again with just a damp brush.

Painting the shoulder pad gave me an opportunity to buy some new green paints since my old range dried up... The colours I used were Caliban Green, Warpstone Green, Moot Green and White Scar. The feathering technique was used again with edge hightlights of 1:1 mix of Warpstone Green and Moot Green to just Moot Green and a final sharp highlight of 1:1 mix of Moot Green and White Scar.

The robes for me took quite a while because I layered from Mournfang Brown, Zandri Dust, Ushabti Bone to Screaming Skull with a final highlight of White Scar. The face was done from a Master Class tutorial from one of the really old white dwarf magazines. The eyes are one of the most daunting things to paint for me, pull it off and your model looks complete, do a bad job and it ruins the model no matter how good the other parts are. That's just my point of view but don't let that put you off from giving it a shot.

The black parts and the silver arm are pretty much out of the paint splatter in White Dwarf. For the silver arm, I diluted my washes with Lahmia Medium so I could have more control of the result. It's like what the GW painting videos say, "You can always put more on but you can't take away"

It's been a real blast painting this Mini and I hope to have the other one painted soon. I've managed to grab all the marines of someone so who knows, there may be more Death Watch to come.

Cheers guys Fruitbear Out!