Hi everyone, I entered my first ever Golden Demon at this year's Warhammer Fest. I entered three categories and was over the moon to win three finalist pins. Click to see photos of all three entries after the jump!

When Games Workshop announced the return of the classic Golden Demon at this year's Warhammer Fest, I decided to give entering a go! I felt quite intimidated about entering, looking at previous years' Golden Demon entries I knew the standard would be extremely high. I think it's very easy to be discouraged and decide not to enter because it feels like it will be unlikely that you would win anything. I too felt this, however after talking to a couple of previous winners and hearing how this seems to be quite a common feeling, and even for those who have entered many times. I decided that I had nothing to lose, and it would be a fantastic experience to enter. I decided to focus on one piece to paint for the competition and looked at my collection for other pieces I felt particularly happy with about entering too. 

I decided to paint a unit of Stormcast Eternal Liberators for the event. I spent longer on these models, trying to paint them the best I could, and pushing myself to do things I wouldn't perhaps normally do such as highlighting up to white. I really loved the challenge of painting these, and felt my skills improved whilst painting them. I also took this opportunity to explore weathering, particularly battle damage. Overall, I was extremely happy with the finished outcome, and believe it's some of my best work yet. I was overjoyed to receive a finalist pin on the day for them, I also spoke to one of the judges Darren Latham who offered some really helpful feedback as well as some lovely compliments, he also told me that this piece was in their top 6 for the category which makes me feel so proud and also motivated to enter again next year and strive to do better!

The decision to enter the single miniature category was an extremely last minute decision. My partner found an old plinth in his hobby box the night before the event and encouraged me to take along my Auric Runemaster. I was extremely happy to receive a finalist pin for him, which shocked me as I didn't expect to get anything for him. I was really happy I decided to just go for it and enter him!

Finally, my third entry was my Archaon Everchosen into the large model category. I thought he was the best monster model I had painted and therefore decided to buy a display plinth to enter him. I was very lucky to also receive a finalist pin for him too. I also spoke to Darren Latham about this piece too, in which he offered great feedback and tips for the future, he also told me how they were impressed with the piece and liked how it was different to Anja Wettergren's box art Archaon, incidentally Anja was also one of the judges, so I was overjoyed to hear she liked it. 

Overall, I was completely over the moon to walk away with finalist pins for all of my entries in my first ever Golden Demon. Honestly, I expected before the event to walk away with nothing, and was purely entering to try and gain feedback and tips from the judges and to experience what it was like to enter a Golden Demon. I was utterly shocked to receive a finalist pin let alone to receive one for everything I entered. I am so happy that I decided to just give it a go, it has given me a great confidence boost and motivation to get better and work really hard on something for next time. 

I would thoroughly recommend anyone entering, even if you feel daunted just give it a go and see how it is, I think you never know unless you try. I loved the whole day, it was a great day meeting other painters and people from the online community. I can't wait to go to another event!