Hey everyone, Lecoqadoodledo here. I recently painted up the Imperial Space Marine from the 30th Anniversary of Space Marines. I chose to paint it up as a Blood Angel because I have decided to do a Heresy Era army of the 9th Legion, and this would afford me the opportunity to get a solid idea of colours and theme. I opted for both shoulder pads being Mark VI, so that I could have more freehand on the model, and a larger scenic base as this would be purely for display.

I figured a snow covered base would be the best way to get as much contrast between base and model as possible, and would still draw the eye without taking away too much away from the Blood Angel itself. The snow was done with several layers of Woodland Scenics Snow built up over each other, finally sealed with watered down PVA. The rocky texture underneath is cork layers, painted up with a thin coat of Eshin Grey, followed by drybrushes of Russ Grey, Fenrisian Grey and Blue Horror. Nuln Oil was then washed into the shadows.

The red armour was as quite straightforward and typical of a Blood Angel scheme. It was primed with Chaos Black, and basecoated Mephiston Red. Initial edge and surface highlights were done with Evil Sunz Scarlet, and further edge highlights with Wild Rider Red. On the sharpest edges and spots where light would hit, a 2:1 mix of Wild Rider Red and White Scar was applied. The NMM silver was straight from the ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass book of old. The NMM Bronze was a first for me, and I could not find a tutorial I liked online, so after a little trial and error and help from friends, I ended up with a simple recipe working through Abaddon Black, Rhinox Hide, Doombull Brown and White Scar.

I hope you guys enjoy the miniature as much as I enjoyed painting it. Thanks for reading!