Hi my names Louise, Garfy invited me to share Vorvadoss my Greater Daemon of Tzeentch conversion on the blog today. After the jump I talk more about my model and share more pictures. 


My Tzeentch army is my most recent Warhammer endeavour but one I knew I'd always end up doing, given my love for all things Lovecraftian and painting in the style of Lisa Frank. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to go a little bit crazy creatively whilst taking a nice break from my snakebite Orks.

Vorvadoss (the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch) Was a conversion I've had planned out in my head for about a year. He's made primarily of around 3 or 4 kits; the Necro/warsphinx (making up his body), the Flamespyre Pheonix (the wings and head) and the chariot of Tzeentch, which is my favourite kit of all time, used for all the accessories and tentacles. I used quite a bit of greenstuff to fix him all together and change up his armour to look less 'tomb-kingsy' and more 'shoggothy'.

I use primarily Games Workshop colours when painting any army, however Vallejo's Fluorescent magenta (and their fluorescent line in general) has been a must for my Tzeentchians. These fluorescent paints are awesome for mixing to make really bright shades of whatever colour, I highly recommend if 'obnoxious' is what you're going for.

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