Some particularly nice FW sculpts, these Salamanders Pyroclasts, aren't they?

I know, I haven't done much GW-related stuff recently. This is mostly out of my hand of course as I'm your private paintmonkey, painter for money, paint what you want me to paint.

This of course leads to a wide range of things I paint (which, as you may know, I vastly prefer over being limited to working with just one company's sculpts). There's something I recently painted which might be used without much trouble in Age of Sigmar though - it's some fine, fine 28mm Franks, funnily exactly 50/50 Artizan and Gripping Beast minis:

The cool thing about AoS of course is that it's more 'open' than WHFB was before, which I still hope encourages people to grab some different minis. Because these here are rather beautiful sculpts.