Hi everyone! I've started my new painting project; Spiderfang Grots! First on the painting table is my first Arachnarok!

I've gone for the Spiderfang Venom Mob battalion which consists of 3 Arachnaroks, 3 units of Grot Spider Riders and a Grot Big Boss on Gigantic Spider. I have made a start on my first Arachnarok going for a dark shell colour with bright distinctive markings and glowing eyes too. I'm really enjoying painting it, it's a really lovely model. I sprayed the body with Incubi Darkness, oversprayed with Kabalite Green, then drybrushed the harsh edges with Sybarite Green and Hellion Green. I also glazed the recessed areas of the shell Gulliman Blue. The red markings were sponged on with Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wild Rider Red and White Scar and then glazed Bloodletter and Lamenters Yellow.