Hey Guys, the last few days have been pretty busy for me. I have managed to base and get started painting on quite a large amount of Tau Warriors and Khorne Daemonkin Troops.
he Tau are part of a large army that I am working on as a commission and the Khorne models are my own. I usually like to always work on several projects at once as this way breaks up repitition and funnily enough I work faster doing this. The Tau models are to be painted in a WW2 German winter camo theme. You may have already seen a few of the models I posted a couple of days ago. I like this scheme as it's refreshing approaching models to paint in a historical military style when you have futuristic models in your hands.

For the Tetras I used masking tape ripped up into pieces  and then airbrushed over to create the camo effect. Alternatively you can use blue tack ripped into Strips. What do you think so far?