This disgusting nurgle Terminator Lord was converted and painted by myself 12 years ago! Back in 2004, 22 year old Garfy got hold of some greenstuff and a spare Abaddon body. He's rather crude looking and shows very little finesse (the model, not 22 year old Garfy), but i liked him. After the jump you can see comparisons of a recent Chaos Lord I painted as well as my 2013 Abaddon conversion.

I really enjoy looking back at my old pictures like the Nurgle Lord and comparing it to how I paint now. I like seeing the progression. I've always stayed true to painting armies though. I've never really strayed into competition showcase painting. I just enjoy collecting models I've painted. 

Back in 2013 I had a another go at converting a spare Abaddon model (why do I keep getting spare Abaddons?). This one is inspired by a piece of artwork by Kevin Chin who painted a Black Legion Terminator holding out hovering twin space marine hearts. I adapted mine to be Abaddon and a flensed, flaming skull of a recent Space Wolf victim. 

For fun, I've dug out the old WIP shot of this Abaddon conversion. I really don't miss working with metal. 

How far has your painting come along since you started? Why not post some pictures of your early stuff in the Paint Your Games facebook group for me to see.