Today we have a look at a model from french miniature boutique Raging Heroes. Raging Heroes started making proxy models for Warhammer and 40k a couple of years ago, and rose to fame with their two successful "The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy" Kickstarters. Kommander Malinka Kurganova makes a fine display cabinet model, or would come across well as a Commissar stand-in. Join me as I take a closer look.


Kommander Malinka Kurganova is part of a three piece Kurganova sisters mini series, but also available seperately for 13.95 €. The bubble wrap padded blister comes with a printed card featuring the 3D render of the model, a 25mm slotted base and Malinka Kurganova herself, cast in white metal. The model has a choice of two swords, a chainsword or a power sword, as well as an optional gas mask than can be attached on the face.


Now a metal cast is not a 3D render (and doesn't photograph as well as resin), but you can see the cast is beautifully detailed. Apart from a large mold line on the back of her leg, flash is minimal. All parts fit together nicely, with only minimal green stuff work needed. You have to take care when assembling the model though, as all pieces are very delicate and the contact areas for glueing are thus pretty small. Unfortunately, the wide stance doesn't really fit the provided base. A 32mm base is a much better fit but not included.


Above you can see a size and height comparison with the Raging Heroes model next to Games Workshop miniatures. There is an Vostroyan, an Cadian Guardsman, a Dark Eldar Wych, an old Necromunda Escher ganger and a Space Marine.

In comparison, Malinka Kurganova is much taller, with long legs and less bulky proportions. The sculpting style feels closer to Privateer Press or Confrontation models, or the work of sculptors like Werner Klocke. She will definately stand out in an army of Guardsmen. Whether this might bother you or not, is up to you. Thankfully, Raging Heroes offers an extensive range of matching infantry, so you could collect a whole army made of Raging Heroes models, which would look great on the tabletop with no doubt.


The complete Kurganova faction, along with the Iron Empire and Jailbirds, was funded through Raging Heroes first Kickstarter. Amongst the range are some great sculpts to be explored.


At the moment, Raging Heroes is sculpting the models of their second Kickstarter. Warrior nuns and dark and lust elves in both fantasy and futuristic outfits, who would make amazing proxies for Sisters of Battle, Aelves and Dark Eldar. Check out some the 3D renders, in my opinion some of the designs are out of this world!


Raging Heroes offer expertly designed and well cast miniatures for people who enjoy strong and sexy depictations of female characters. Their style is a bit different from Games Workshop, yet they make decent proxies and offer a fun painting challenge. The price of the model is reasonable and in line with GW's old metal range, considering material and weapon options. All in all, thumbs up from me.

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