There he is, my finished Culexus Assassin. In my recent post, I wondered in which colour to paint the head. One of our readers suggested red, but in the end, I felt more comfortable with a classic bone-white. Check out more pictures after the jump.


I feel this model is not my best work. After painting the gigantic Imperial Knight kit for almost two months, I think I needed some time to adjust to smaller models.

I managed to break off the conductor pieces from the collar several times. In the end, I even needed to pin some of them to keep them attached. Maybe I shouldn't have painted the head separately, as it put more stress on the conductors while handling. Recently there have been a lot of sculpts with extremely thin pieces that snap off easily (looking at my yet unpainted Skitarii and Techpriest Dominus), a development I don't really approve. I think GW can design their models more cleverly.

The Imperial Knight and the Assassin are additions to my small Blood Angels force. I envision a rag-tag Imperial army from the second war for Armageddon, so I want to expand this collection with some Skitarii and Astra Militarum units over time.

But for now, I feel the need to paint something pointy-eared, so stay tuned...

How do you like the Assassin? Tell me in the comments.