Today I can finally present you a showcase post of my just finished Imperial Knight Errant of House Raven. This model took quite a while to paint, almost two months. Thanks for bearing with me. I think it was worth taking my time with it and I hope you'll agree. Enjoy more pictures after the jump.

The model is inspired by Daklorn, Tempered Fury from the House Raven section of the Imperial Knights codex. Originally he was a Knight Warden, but I felt a melta-shooting and chainsword-slinging Errant would suit the theme of my Blood Angels collection better. He is also a Baron and Forge Master, hence the bone-white stripes on his carapace and shield.

I added a few more bone-white spots, as this model is also supposed to fight alongside my (yet to be painted) Skitarii task force from Forge World Metallica, who wear bone-white trenchcloaks. I even painted bone-white over the white Cog Mechanicus transfers on the shoulder guards.

The metal understructure was airbrushed with Army Painted Gun Metal with my airbrush, leaving the recesses black. Then I applied a filter of Army Painter Dark Tone Ink. Finally I drybrushed with Army Painter Shining Silver. Everything else is painted and highlighted by brush to match my Blood Angels paint scheme. The caution stripes have been painted by spraying black over a masked off yellow basecoat. Then I refined the pattern by brush where the paint had bled and added highlights and shading.

I didn't glue any of the movable parts, so I can strike a couple of poses and also remove the rocket launcher. All in all I'm very impressed with the level of care that has been put into this kit.

How do you like my Imperial Knight? I feel I'm a bit late to the Knight party, I'm sure you've all painted yours already, haven't you? Why not sharing yours in the comments.