Hey guys, today I'm going to show you some more progess on my Dark Eldar force. See you after the click.

Here's the first two models I finished (almost anyway, there's still some details I want to tweak) - Archon and his Command Venom.

I took inspiration from Stahly's Incubi Venom and made my own in similar way, since I plan on using my HQ with Incubi retinue most of the time.

Thanks for the awesome idea mate! I also added some additional spikes and trophy chains on the hull to help it stand out more.

As for the Archon himself, there's not much to say really. He's just your generic metal Archon with a simple arm swap for Agoniser.

I also added a trophy crest and Phantasm grenade launcher on his back in attempt to make him look bigger and more menacing.

Pretty much all Dark Eldar come with standard 28mm bases, but I decided to swap some of them for 32mm for aesthetic reasons (feet over the base syndrome).

It also helps recognize the Archon among other foot soldiers instantly. My LGS will be having a small 500 point tournament next month and I'm working my butt off trying to finish painting the force on time. Still need to do two more Venoms, a Ravager and Kabalites! Think I can make it?

How do you like the Kabal so far? Let me know in the comments, anything goes :)