Greetings everyone! Colonel Winterborne here again to share a few more photos from my Praetorian Imperial Guard army. This time we are going to take a look at my own take on the Ogryn special character Nork Deddog.

I think that GW absolutely knocked it out of the park with plastic Ogryn/Bullgryn kit. As soon as it came out a few years back I bought two straight away, making 5 of the armoured Bullgryns and 1 of the Ogryn bodyguard, the infamous Nork Deddog.

The only converting I did on this model was the hat on the skull speaker. As you will have seen from my last post even the Commissars wear the Praetorian pith helmet so this model could be no different.

I kept the freehand on the model to a minimum and only added the company marking with the IV, and also the red line which mirrors the red sash all command squad members wear (more on those guys in a future post). The armour he wears is painted in the same way as the army’s tanks which helps to further tie the whole army together.

Nork has such a wonderfully grizzled face with scars, metal work, a bionic eye and of course his cigar! I used a collection of washes to subtly add tone to the scars and also to his lips. He also has a little piggy eye which I picked out.

The fatigues he wears are the same colour as the infantry uniforms throughout the army as is the white belt and other various accessories. This model was really a joy to paint and I’m very pleased with how he turned out.

Painting Nork and Bullgryn brothers really forced me to get to grips with large flat expanses of skin, working hard to ensure the transition were smooth and free from any brush marks. My technique for skin is to use cadian fleshtone followed by reikland fleshshade, then back to cadian fleshtone with increasing amounts of elf flesh and then finally skull white.

In my next post I think it’s about time we moved on to some tanks…

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few more photos, please share any comments you might have, I’d love to hear what you think.