Hi all, Banzai1000 here. I must say that I really like Space Marines in Terminator Armour. Lately we've seen two Librarian models in Terminator Armour, and I knew I had to paint them. Check them out after the jump...

Above is the "generic" Librarian in Terminator Armour by Games Workshop. I painted him for the Imperial Fists Chapter using a variety of colors complimenting the trademark blue for the armour. I think it all comes together.

This model was released earlier. I painted him in the Blood Angels chapter livery, adding pink as a spot colour for his weapon. The rest of the paint job is pretty much dictated by the model.

Although having nearly identical paint schemes, both models differ in pose and thus strike a very different note when standing next to each other.

What do you think? And which model is your favourite one?