Hello everyone, here's another finished model for my Stormcast, the Knight Heraldor.

I opted to buy the second posed variant of this model, I think it's generally a better pose. I really enjoyed painting him, the model has similar painting techniques to my other Stormcast but there was the large scroll and a slightly different cloak to paint, which made for a nice change.

I wanted to make the scroll look aged and gritty, like it had been through a lot of war. I have also used the new Games Workshop Fulgurite Copper on the icon and end of the trumpet, it was a really nice paint, it went on very nicely and I'm happy with how it looks.

I also decided I wanted to make the cloak worn and weathered. I achieved this by painting on rips and scratches with Rhinox Hide and highlighting them with White, I also used Agrax Earthshade and some Typhus Corrosion on the ends to add a bit of grit and grime.