Hi everyone, I've started work on a big project a Stardrake for my Stormcast Eternals! Here's the first WIP update, click to see more photos after the jump!

I decided to go for blue scales/body and red wings for the Stardrake, and also I decided to paint the panels in the same Fists of Sigmarite stormhost scheme as seen in my other Stormcast Eternals. I started off by basecoating it with the airbrush Stegadon Scale Green for the scales, and then Black to Khorne Red blend on the wings.

Then the long task came of base coating the rest of  the model. The model has so many details and it took a while to get all the basecoats down! I also used glazes of black and black mixed with Khorne Red to blend the wings a bit better.

Here I have base coated all the areas, and decided to paint the softer parts of his skin and underbelly with Russ Grey to differentiate between the scales. The gold is Retributor Armour, silver is Vallejo Gungrey, bone and teeth are Zandri Dust, mouth Bugmans Glow, and spikes and tassets Khorne Red. Most of the paints were thinned with Lahmian Medium to get a smooth application. I have also started to add first shades here; Nuln Oil on the darker scales and silver metals, Agrax Earthshade on the lighter skin and underbelly, Reikland Fleshshade on the gold, scroll and the bone, and Carroburg Crimson in the mouth. The base is Mechanicus Standard Grey washed Agrax Earthshade, and the lighter rocks and ruins are Celestra Grey washed Seraphim Sepia.

Check back soon for another update as I work my way through it, I think it will take me a long time but will be worth it, I'm really enjoying painting it!