Hey guy's. Ahh Abaddon, what to say, what to say. So far I have almost just finished the first book Horus Rising, but I get a pretty good idea where it is going for poor Loken.

I painted this model for Abaddon up when it was first released. At the time I had not read the books and did not know the story so I was really just following the lines of what Forge World did with model. I think now having read a fair bit about Abaddon I would have painted him differently and probably improve on what I am showing. This must have been painted from about 4 years ago. Which in painters terms from me is quite a long time. Anyway hopefully I will try him again along with the Horus model I also painted some time ago.

On another note I am loving reading the first book Horus Risng. To be honest I did not think it was going to be that great. But I am really enjoying it. I think the way that they portray the 30K world is awesome and I'm getting excited to continue moving onto False Gods, but feel a little sad that Dan abnett has not written it. Upon reading this book it really has changed the way I look upon Space Marines. They are really quite a mixed bunch. What do you think being that its quite a old painted model?