Colonel Winterborne here again, this time with a couple of photos of my favourite tank ever to roll off the Forge World production line, the Macharius Vanquisher!

The Macharius Vanquisher was my first super heavy addition to my Praetorian army. It has a battleship naval feel with the twin linked battle cannons, and is big while not being as huge as a Baneblade or Shadowsword.

The main colour for the armour is as follows - a basecoat of XV88 followed by a 50/50 nuln oil and reikland fleshshade wash. Then it is dry brushing of the following, XV88, Baylor brown, Ushabti bone. Finally another wash of 50/50 nuln oil and reikland fleshshade.

I always like to add some freehand to my tanks and the big flat panels on the side of this tank lend themselves very nicely to this. On the right hand side we have a laurel wreath a s mall Aquila and the company marking IV. On the right side we have a Lion over a chequered pattern which features throughout the army.

The Tank Commander is a based off the torso and arms of the Death Korps Commander with extensive green stuff to give him a Lawrence of Arabia look with desert goggles, scarf and Praetorian epaulettes.

My army is a gaming army and has featured in many tournaments and campaigns. This last photo is from an epic battle against my friends Bad Moon army. I love the ‘realistic’ photos you tend to see from GW and Forge World these days and this was one of my attempts at that style.

Thanks for having a look, please let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!