Hello everyone! Today I'd like to show you my latest addition to my Stormcast Eternals collection, a Knight-Vexillor!

After completing my Lord-Celestant on Stardrake it was nice to paint a model much smaller and also to paint something new. Painting the Knight-Vexillor was very quick and simple, which is something I really like about the Stormcast models, they are reasonably easy to paint. I went with the pennant of the stormbringer variant of the model because I think the rules for him in game are better than the meteoric standard, plus I really liked the flag version!

The Knight-Vexillor is the first model ticked off of my pledges for the Age of Sigmar Season of War campaign, I'm so excited about the Summer Campaign for Age of Sigmar, it's a great time at the moment to be in the hobby. Are you taking part in the Season of War? What army are you currently working on or using to contribute to the global campaign?