Hi everyone! Today I'm really pleased to show you the finished photos of my Lord-Celestant on Stardrake. I am incredibly proud of this miniature, it took me a while to paint but I am really happy with how it turned out! Click to see more angles of the piece after the jump!

It took me just shy of a month to paint this, and at times it felt like it was never ending. The detail on this miniature is massive, there's a lot to paint and it does take quite a bit of motivation. I really wanted to try paint it to the best of my abilities, thus pushing myself on bits I may have done quicker previously. One example of this is individually highlighting the scales, in the past I may have just drybrushed them but I really wanted to push myself to try a new challenge, and to try make it look as best I could. The scales were painted Stegadon Scale Green, shaded Nuln Oil, and then highlighted gradually up through Sotek Green, Temple Guard Blue, Temple Guard Blue/White Scar mix, White Scar and glazed Gulliman Blue, with final edge highlights of White.

I really enjoy painting OSL on miniatures, and wanted to give the Stardrake a glowing mouth as if he was just about to breathe fire. This was done quite simply painting the inside of the mouth white and then adding gradual glazes of Bloodletter and Lamenters Yellow, and then adding more white to the back of the throat.  

The wings were blended up through Black, Khorne Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wild Rider Red, and Fire Dragon Bright and glazed Bloodletter and Lamenters Yellow. I chose to apply battle damage to the miniature as seen on my other Stormcast Eternals models. The battle damage was done with a mix of painting scratches with a brush, by applying a thin line of Rhinox Hide and highlighting underneath it with Vallejo Silver. I also used a sponge to apply silver chipping, and also used the sponge method to apply blood splatter around the model using Blood for the Blood God.

Overall, I am incredibly proud of this miniature and I'm really excited to add it as a centrepiece to my growing Stormcast Eternals collection. I am really happy that I put in that little bit more effort to make it look as best as I could. The model as a whole was daunting, I didn't paint it for months after building it but I'm glad I decided to just give it a go because I really enjoyed painting it. Finishing it has really reinvigorated my motivation to add more to my collection, and I can't wait to start painting new things for my Stormcast!