Hey all, today I thought I'd show another Tau Riptide that I have been working on as part of a large Tau army commission.

The model has extra 3D printed parts added to it. The link for the 3D parts is https://www.shapeways.com/product/RLFUFM4EB/tau-mech-3d-designed-conversion-components?optionId=60430641&key=2fef9b4775477dab5ce2be5910f218c4&li=shop-inventory . I painted the model in a WW2 German winter army scheme. I'm guessing not being a Tau player that the gun is a Auto-Cannon. Having looked at the photos I still need to drill the top guns. What do you guy's think? Have any of you used any 3D printed parts on your models and which ones?