Hey guys, just back from a 10 day holiday and looking forward to returning to painting.

Today I thought I would show a few of the Khorne Daemonkin models I have been working on. The intention was to gather a small army for myself that I could use in play. But sadly I don't know if I can do this as from just doing a few test models it's taking a lot longer than I have time available. That's the thing about being a commission painter in that I judge everything by time and when I paint for myself its time taken from when I should be painting for others. So sadly I think the Khorne Daemonkin army is not going to happen and will have to be put to one side. Anyway on a more positive note I do have a almost complete Necron army that I was painting for myself last year. And for that army I only need to finish a couple of units to make it playable. So hopefully if I get the time I will finish it off. What do you guys think? Have you started painting armies and then realised you just don't have the time to paint them?