Hi everyone, I've started work on a new project for my Stormcast collection, two units of Dracothian Guard, one unit will be Fulminators and the other Tempestors. Here's the first WIP steps on the Dracoths and their riders.

One interesting thing I like looking at these two photos is how different the Retributor Armour gold paint looks before and after shading. The shades I use on the gold are Reikland Fleshshade mixed with Lahmian Medium, Agrax Earthshade mixed with Lahmian Medium, and Druchii Violet mixed with Lahmian Medium in the recesses. 

I decided to paint all the base coats and initial shades as a batch to get everything to the same stage, I find this also helps with productivity too. I will now paint each Dracoth and rider separately to pay a bit more attention to each model.