Hey everyone, I've been slowly working away on my Stardrake, specifically working on the scales! It's taken a long time but I'm glad I put the effort in to do it. Click to view photos of this process after the jump!

I have started work on the scales and painting in the detail between the wings. I painted the scales with Sotek Green here. I decided to paint each scale individually rather than drybrush them, because I wanted to attempt something a little different to what I've usually done and to spend that little extra attention on what will be the centrepiece model to my collection. 

I must admit it was quite a difficult task, especially with the model being fully assembled. I prefer to work with the model fully assembled although some parts of this were tricky, especially trying to paint under the wings but it wasn't impossible. It was also difficult trying to highlight each individual scale, it's not perfect but I like how it looks as a whole and I'm happy with it turned out which is the most important thing.

The scales were painted Sotek Green, Temple Guard Blue, Temple Guard Blue/White, White and then glazed Gulliman Blue and finally highlighted with White to finish.

Here you can see the transition during the work of finished scales at the top, mid way finished in the middle and not started scales on the bottom of the tail.

Finally, here are three photos of the finished scales. Overall, I'm really happy that I decided to go for it, it look me 3 and a half full days in total. It was tiring and at times I wondered why I was doing it but the end result is worth it, and I'm really happy with how they look. Now onto the other parts of the model, slowly getting there!