Stalking her quarry through the Mortal realms today is a converted Aelf Realmscout from Technasma.

Hi, nice to be back on Tale of Painters and today I wanted to share one of my favourite miniatures. In the early days of Age of Sigmar I was intrigued to see what they would so with the Aelven faction. I've always thought elves were cool and I've loved Eldar since I started the hobby. Given the new creative liberty of Age of Sigmar I though I'd try my hand at imagining an Aelf, and drew from my favourite elements of the Warhammer Elves and the Eldar. What I came up with was my Aelf Realmscout.

Despite being from a high fantasy setting, I converted her from mainly Warhammer 40,000 parts. I knew I wanted to use the dynamic pose of the Dark Eldar Succubus as a base and experimented with various combinations of weapons until I got a pose that I liked. I went for a scimitar from an Eldar harlequin and a parrying dagger from a Dark Eldar Wych as these helped accentuate the pose. I can really picture her darting across the battlefield, weapons a blur as she gracefully dispatches those that stand in her way.

In order to make her battlegear more low-tech, I used a palette of leathers, ivory and exotic metallics like bronze and gold. I opted for a vibrant jade green for her cape and trousers with a splash of lilac for the sashes and fletching for the arrows in her quiver. I opted for a cloaked head from the Wood Elf Eternal Guard to identify her as a ranger. I finished it off with some freehand to tie it in to the designs on her armour.

With the release of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower we've seen a glimpse of the direction Games Workshop are taking their Aelves. Looking at the Mistweaver and Tenaebral Shard, I feel like my Realmscout wouldn't look out of place fighting alongside them!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I hope to be back on Tale of Painters soon but until then you can catch me on my blog over at or my Instagram and Twitter.