Hi everyone I'm back again with more Dwarves, this time being a Gyrocopter. I remembered when this mini came out there were a few words to describe it depending on whether you liked it or not. For me the words were "steampunk" and "cute" thus my decision to paint one up. Hope I don't get slashed for saying that!

I wanted the Gyrocopter blue to match the other units I've painted with some basic contrasting elements on the propellers. This also gave me a chance to practice using my airbrush to achieve some gradation on the main body of the Gyrocopter.

I won't be able to tell you the colours of the blue paints I used as this model was painted quite a few years ago but the material for the propellers were airbrushed with Zandri Dust and Ushabti Bone with an edge highlight of White. The contrasting element on the propeller material was painted with Screamer Pink which has become one of my favourite spot colours lately.

There was one short cut I used for painting the metallic patterns on the model. The base colour was Mithril silver with 1 or 2 layers of Seraphim Serpia with no highlights! It's a pretty neat trick I use at times when I can't be bothered highlighting metallic patterns on a miniature.

If you have noticed, there are more rocks and boulders on the base that were sculpted from greenstuff just to add more terrain to the base as it the Gyrocopter was flying through the mountain side.

Hope you guys like this mini. That's all from me for now. Until next time take care!